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The Benefits

Mobile Contols

Our all products was operated from the android phone where you can fully control you inverter.

Health & Enviorment

The most important health benefit of air conditioning is reducing your home’s humidity.

Better Air Quality

Another reason to breathe easy is by installing air conditioning in your beautiful homes.

Innovative Idea

Our products designs and ideas are innovative and market competitive prices to chase our clients.

Save Your Bills

Our all products are fully inverter so you can easuly save upto 40% of your electricity bills annually.

Proven Technology

We are certified from the world's best techonologies as we use best quality material and technologies.

Turbo Mode

General DC Inverter Ac has the most powerfull cooling system to provide the most rapid cooling and heating.

For All Weather

General DC Inverter Ac with its dual heating & cooling functions is geared to provide maximum comfort.

Low Noise

General DC Inverter Ac makes minimum noise while ensuring maximum peroformance.

Low Voltage

General DC Inverter Ac operates on low voltage without compromising on its cooling performance.

100% Pure Copper

General DC Inverter Ac is equipped with 100% pure copper condenser & evaporator.

Catechin Filter

General DC Inverter Ac keeps all odors away and ensures to remove bacteria to provide cleas & fresh air.

General Air Conditioner

General Air Conditioner

American General is a home appliances company who intend to evolve as a brand by completely revolutionizing the lifestyles of thousands of people across the country.

HDMI Support

USB Support

Energy Saving


Clients Reviews

Clients Reviews

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